Sunday, July 3, 2011


For the next two days, you can sign up with me for FREE to become an AVON representative!    No strings attached! 

Email me at lisarich0707(at)gmail(dot)com

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Business Bank Account

Today I made a Commitment to my AVON Business.  I opened a separate account designated for my AVON business only.  It is through my primary bank, Bank of America and the new account is an E-account.  This means that all transaction will take place through an ATM with online statements and transactions.

I began the account with 25.00 from my savings account and I will consider this an investment in myself.  
Update:  I have my first recruit!  This is very exciting for me.  I am on my way to building my AVON business. I am going to help her grow her business too! 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

  • Party
  • May 15
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Avon addiction getting hard to handle?

Schedule an AVON "Book Party" and receive FREE AVON when your friends, family and coworkers purchase through you, their hostess.  A minimum of 5 "guest orders" is required.

Step 1:  Call or email me to schedule your book party. No refreshments to buy, no babysitter required!  I'll provide you with the brochures, an order book and a collection envelope.

Step 2:  Talk to everyone you know!  The more orders you get, the more FREE AVON you will earn! Contact me when you've collected all your orders.  I'll drop by to pick up your order book.  I'll call you a few days later with everyone's order totals so you can collect their $$.

Step 3:  I'll deliver all the orders to you, after you've collected everyone's money.

Step 4:  Shop for your FREE AVON.

$100 book party = $20 in FREE AVON

$200 book party = $40 in FREE AVON

$300 book party = $60 in FREE AVON

$400+ book party = $80 in FREE AVON. 

If you get $400+ in orders then you should be selling AVON yourself.  I'll pay your $10 Representative appointment fee and you can earn up to 50% on all orders!!!

Start your party now!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tossing AVON Books Information

I received a question regarding the "tossing" of my Avon Books. This question comes from Marc in New York

"Dear Lisa,

I noticed on your blog that you said that you tossed about 200 books? Forgive me for sounding ignorant.  When you say tossed are speaking from a literal standpoint, by tossing them out of your car window as you drive by an address or are simply speaking of door-hanging that many books?

I am a relatively new representative and have only been with AVON for only about 1 month. Just looking for as many ideas as I can which will help me grow my business.

Marc Schreiber
AVON Sales Leader

Marc, thanks for your question and I hope you don't mind that I am responding to you on my blog.  I figured that if one person had a question, there might be others that have a question too.

Simply, when I tossed the books, I literally drove up and down streets in my neighborhood and "tossed" the books onto their driveways.  The next batch of books that I toss, I am going to definitely put a date on the back stating when the campaign ends.

I am also going to compose a brief note stating that I am an AVON Rep in their area, and I hope that they understand that in today's world it is safer to toss a brochure in the driveway than to walk up to to the door.  I will encourage them to give me a call, and hope that I will grow my business that way.

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tossing AVON Books Update

I have"tossed" about 120 AVON books so far.  If you see my previous post, I explain where I got the extra books to toss.  As of this evening, I got two calls about AVON.  The first phone call was from a woman that wanted to start selling AVON again.  Evidently she sold AVON in New York and is ready to come back and start again now that she lives in Florida.  My DSM is going to follow up with her on Friday. 
I also got a call from neighbor about 2 streets over.  She placed a nice size order, and after talking for a few minutes we discovered that we have friends in common.  Small world.

There is about 80  more books to be tossed, and I am thinking about tossing them in another neighborhood that is slightly more affluent.  Consider it a social experiment of sorts. 

How are you doing in your AVON adventures?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tossing AVON Books

This morning I am going Tossing. Tossing is an easy way to canvas the whole neighborhood with my AVON books. Saturday, my district manager sent out an Email to everyone that there were books left over from the last campaign. I went to the office and picked up 3 boxes of books (180 catalogs total) and brought them home. I prepared a label, printed out about 7 sheets of them and began sticking the labels on the books. I then stuffed each book into an AVON door hanger bag. I was going to toss them last night, but I will try to get most of them tossed this morning before work.

Will this provide me with more AVON customers?  I have tried this in the past, ( several years ago while in school) and it did give me about 2 -3 steady customers.  I will let you know how it goes in a couple of days.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Talk AVON for Successful Sales

Don’t forget that you that we have to talk about our business every where, every day and basically all the time!
Do you self-promote?
Many Leaders say that often someone will call and say I have no sales!  Of course you ask them, “Well what have you been doing?” And the answer 9 times out of 10 is “Well, I talked to my mom and her friends and I have gotten nothing.”
“What else have you done to promote yourself?”
“Well, I pass out books but nothing happens!”
Here is a problem… I pass out books and nothing happens.
Ok, do you get the persons phone number and call them and ASK them for an order? Do you call them and just leave a reminder, “Hey my order is going in this weekend in case you need something!” Do you order extra books and pass them out like water? Do you make flyers and mail them out to everyone you know? Do you TREAT your business like a business?
Honestly, most of the time the answer is no. The most self defeating thing in our business is our self!!
I will say it again.
The most self defeating thing in our business is our self!
Why?  Because we are afraid to promote OURSELVES!
I have seen ladies hang their head and mumble while trying to push a book into someone’s hands. Would I order from someone like that?
Probably NOT!
I have seen Avon Reps cringe at the thought of talking to a stranger.
Be proud of your business! If you truly love your business, why are you ashamed to talk about it and shout it to anyone who will listen???
Stand up and say “I sell AVON and I LOVE my job!” Wear pins, carry books and business cards with you everywhere! Put stickers on your car; signs on your lawn; notices or biz cards in your mail; talk to the other moms; network locally; tell the world! You do not have a neon sign above your head that says you sell AVON, no you don’t have to be pushy or tacky about it.  But if you don’t promote it, who will?
Take a hard look at your business and how you act with it and see what you can do to improve yourself and your attitude about it.
Everyday, work on improving your business visibility in your community and with other people, your potential customers. And remember, customer service and consistency is key!  Then, watch your sales rise