Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tossing AVON Books Information

I received a question regarding the "tossing" of my Avon Books. This question comes from Marc in New York

"Dear Lisa,

I noticed on your blog that you said that you tossed about 200 books? Forgive me for sounding ignorant.  When you say tossed are speaking from a literal standpoint, by tossing them out of your car window as you drive by an address or are simply speaking of door-hanging that many books?

I am a relatively new representative and have only been with AVON for only about 1 month. Just looking for as many ideas as I can which will help me grow my business.

Marc Schreiber
AVON Sales Leader

Marc, thanks for your question and I hope you don't mind that I am responding to you on my blog.  I figured that if one person had a question, there might be others that have a question too.

Simply, when I tossed the books, I literally drove up and down streets in my neighborhood and "tossed" the books onto their driveways.  The next batch of books that I toss, I am going to definitely put a date on the back stating when the campaign ends.

I am also going to compose a brief note stating that I am an AVON Rep in their area, and I hope that they understand that in today's world it is safer to toss a brochure in the driveway than to walk up to to the door.  I will encourage them to give me a call, and hope that I will grow my business that way.

Hope this helps!

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