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Avon addiction getting hard to handle?

Schedule an AVON "Book Party" and receive FREE AVON when your friends, family and coworkers purchase through you, their hostess.  A minimum of 5 "guest orders" is required.

Step 1:  Call or email me to schedule your book party. No refreshments to buy, no babysitter required!  I'll provide you with the brochures, an order book and a collection envelope.

Step 2:  Talk to everyone you know!  The more orders you get, the more FREE AVON you will earn! Contact me when you've collected all your orders.  I'll drop by to pick up your order book.  I'll call you a few days later with everyone's order totals so you can collect their $$.

Step 3:  I'll deliver all the orders to you, after you've collected everyone's money.

Step 4:  Shop for your FREE AVON.

$100 book party = $20 in FREE AVON

$200 book party = $40 in FREE AVON

$300 book party = $60 in FREE AVON

$400+ book party = $80 in FREE AVON. 

If you get $400+ in orders then you should be selling AVON yourself.  I'll pay your $10 Representative appointment fee and you can earn up to 50% on all orders!!!

Start your party now!!

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